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Mainbrace Navy Strength Rum Celebrates its Second Birthday on Black Tot Day

Award-winning spirits brand, Mainbrace, celebrates the anniversary of the launch of its Navy Strength Rum on Black Tot Day, 31st July.

Ahead of the anniversary of Black Tot Day on 31st July, Mainbrace is commemorating the occasion by offering 10% off sitewide, including Mainbrace Navy Strength Rum, which was released two years ago in commemoration of the occasion.

A truly momentous day in Royal Navy history, Black Tot Day on 31st July 1970 marked the abolition of the daily rum tot issued to all Royal Navy seamen. Mainbrace Navy Strength Rum is produced with an ABV of 54.5%, consistent with the Royal Navy Standard. This was the lowest alcohol content that would still allow gunpowder to light if it was soaked in the rum.

The name Mainbrace is inspired by the naval term to “splice the mainbrace”, which embodies the spirit of courage, teamwork, and friendship. In the days of sail, the main mast was steadied, or braced, with a thick rope called the mainbrace. If it was cut by enemy fire in battle a team of naval ratings (sailors) had to splice the rope back together under enemy fire to save the ship and win the battle. As a reward for successfully achieving this herculean task the captain would order the ship’s pusser (purser) to issue a double ration of rum to the team of ratings as a toast to victory.  

To ‘splice the mainbrace’ inevitably became a naval euphemism for an important celebration and was always accompanied with the toast ‘The King – God Bless Him’ or ‘The Queen – God Bless Her.’ 

Mainbrace therefore embodies the spirit of celebrating a victory, no matter how big or small, while continuing to pay homage to Royal Navy traditions and the spirit of the sea.

Mainbrace is offering 10% off sitewide this Black Tot Day until 5th of August using the code BLACK TOT.

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