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Statement on COVID19

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Things are pretty bleak at the moment - COVID19 is spreading through the UK at an unprecedented rate and causing a large amount of deaths in Europe. Among other things, the virus has taken a toll on the events and hospitality industry, causing restaurants to close, and small brands like ourselves to struggle in the wake of event cancellations.

Now, more than ever, it is paramount to support small, local brands to get through this crisis. While we appreciate every sale we make, we hope we can reciprocate by giving the community something to celebrate during this difficult time.

As you know, the idea for Mainbrace Rum was born on a sunny day in Cornwall, where the Haigh family – watching gig rowers come into The Ferry Boat Inn for a celebratory drink after a race – resolved to create a drink that captured the essence of Cornwall, crews celebrating teamwork. Our name was also born from a saying synonymous with celebration – “splice the mainbrace” – which originated in the heart of battle, where a brave team of soldiers would attempt to splice the mainbrace if it was damaged to save the main mast of the ship. If they succeeded, they would be rewarded with a double ration of rum to celebrate along with a toast to “the Queen – God bless her”.

While times are hard, we hope you will still remember to celebrate your victories (both big and small) with an extra helping of Mainbrace Rum, which you can purchase from DrinkFinder, Winebuyers, North Coast Wines, Ellis Wharton WInes, Constantine Stores, or the Liquor Cellar.

Keep an eye on our Instagram page as well, where we will be sharing some cocktail recipes that will make social isolation just a little bit better.

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